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The 25hours Hotel Wien is located in Vienna’s 7th district, home to shopping quarter Neubaugasse, the MuseumsQuartier and the heart of Vienna’s young, liberal, creative scene. The hotel creates a fantastical world of circus, spectacle and extravagance, with just a touch of madness. For Christoph Hoffmann, CEO of the 25hours Hotel Company, design is an expression of the company’s philosophy. Each hotel design is inspired by its location, thus each is organically distinctive.

The 25hours in Vienna has established itself as the congenial hotel at Museums Quartier, one of the ten largest cultural areas in the world. Additional room capacities and service space were planned from the start. The new areas enhance the hotel’s spectacular character, made to suit the location and its art, highly appreciated by an audience which loves authentic staging.

Behind the scenes of the 25hours hotel group stands Christoph Hoffman, one of the most successful sources of inspiration in the hotel business who, together with his three partners, promotes the concept. The principle of the 25hours hotels is that each hotel has its very own design. Each and every 25hours hotel tells a different story.

In 2011, the 25hours hotel in Vienna started out with 34 suites. During the second stage the hotel expansion was to feature further rooms and service area. DreiMeta took over this task and designed an additional 185 rooms, a spa, conference rooms, a roof terrace and a restaurant.

Instead of using standard expansion methods for the new facilities the architects continued with the concept of each and every living area being unique. The furniture and the unique interior items we have used make each room individual. Custom-made carpets, genuine objects and unique designer items give character to all areas, including the spa. Despite it’s high sense of individualism the hotel functions perfectly for its guests and personnel alike. Features such as sliding doors in front of the shower partitions are not just functional but also unique: the focus was on being functional. Service areas including the spa and the conference and restaurant areas are genuine and highly functional the same time, designed down to the last detail. The 1500 Foodmakers restaurant with its 140 seats combines stylish features of various gastronomical hot spots from Santa Monica to New York. Guests can indulge in modern Italian food from an open kitchen, sitting in cosy niches, at spacious tables or at the centre food bar. Three rooms in the multi-functional event area can be arranged flexibly to create separate spaces, with the integrated bar/lounge and adjacent roof terrace, possibilities are endless. The 2,700 square foot spa enhances the concept, featuring light domes, a wall mosaic from the artist Olaf Hajek and a merry-go-round: a homogeneous collection of interesting and unique rooms.

The circus theme played a predominant role in the expansion. Features such as extra-high beds, bizarre fixtures like a cage cite the world of spectacle, although never seeming too loud, too plush or lapsed. Authentic materials including rough screed or heavy velvet allow guests to immerse into a spectacular circus world with style.

During the first construction stage the 25hours hotel was already a great success for the Viennese and the travellers from throughout the world. The expansion enables the hotel to meet the great demand and has created even more reasons to discover the world of the 25hours in Vienna. The event area, the spa, the roof terrace and the restaurant have increased service potential considerably. The hotel’s positive image has received another boost because its unique character is consistent throughout the entire design.

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