2Day Languages School by Masquespacio in Valencia

The 183 square meter (1,969 sq.ft.) language school called 2Day Languages by Masquespacio, a studio with an eye for crisp and fresh interiors is located in a heritage building in central Valencia. Its target audience is a 20 to 30 year-old international student for whom the school offers flexible learning options, cool surroundings and even a cooking class.

The space is divided into three class rooms, a staff room and a lounge. The colors and components of each space stem from the speech bubble/flag logo of the school. The three brand colors – blue, yellow and pink – represent the three levels established by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Additional influence comes from the neoclassical architecture of the building, new and old architecture of Valencia, and parts of the Spanish language.

They used pine wood and crude-looking stackable and light-weight furniture that together with the casual cushions, lighting and plants create a semi-domestic feel, all with a tight budget.

The entire space looks inviting and friendly, yet the lovely skeleton of the grand building is visible in the plaster moldings, the height of the rooms and the gorgeous windows.

Particularly intriguing are the 10 frames of crafty nails-and-wool-thread artwork, created by Masquespacio and involving 6400 nails and 2500 meters of wool.













Photo credit © David Rodríguez from Cualiti and 2DayLanguages

Info via The Cool Hunter

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