A 1970s office building floor turned into a candy-colored showroom, head office and studio

CJ Studio has transformed an entire floor of a 1970s office building in Stockholm, Sweden into a showroom, head office, and studio for the Swedish make-up and skincare brand CAIA Cosmetics. The interior design focuses on creating an extraordinary, candy-colored yet professional space to represent CAIA and enhance the experience of their brand. The color palette and concept are inspired by the company’s identity, its products, and visual language.

The program is divided into two parts. A showroom part with a photo studio, styling and make-up station, a room for content creation, and a lounge. The interior in this part of the space is white, sharp, calm, and crispy with the exception of a bright pink dressing room and a grand table in white oiled oak specifically designed and manufactured for this project, serving as a station for styling and makeup for photoshoots.

The second part is the office space with four meeting rooms, two open office spaces, a kitchen, a lounge, and two offices. This part takes up approximately two-thirds of the 660 square-meter space and is divided from the showroom and studio by a generous and welcoming entrance lounge. The conference rooms have individual color schemes of pastel green, blue, purple, and silver.

These rooms as well as certain colorful objects and elements throughout the office have a scenographic feel and stand out in contrast to the otherwise minimalistic yet sharp interior. The idea is for the interior to work as a backdrop for the products and the creativity of the office.

Design and info © CJ Studio

Images © Emil Fagander

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