A bar-pool-gallery mix designed as a hilltop belvedere

Designed and built over just three months, the “Bar-Pool-Gallery” was planned for the Casa Cor MG 2014 as a kind of a hilltop belvedere. The site is located in the central area of a private weekend retreat development, a series of bungalows with hotel infrastructure scattered on a sloping mountain overlooking the stunning valleys of Nova Lima, 12 km away from the city of Belo Horizonte. The project comprises two very simple buildings with a common open space in between. The Bar is basically a raw concrete “square tube” structure with a cantilever spanning 10m over the site’s slope, pointing out to the landscape. The Gallery is the only “semi-buried” structure of the development. This strategy allowed open views from the landscape, and the use of the roof as a split-level observatory deck, which is an extension of the swimming-pool deck.








Info and images © BCMF Arquitetos and MACh Arquitetos

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