A co-working space as a balancing act between relaxing and working

This co-working space for SWING‘s Malaysian client is aimed at being a hub in Japan for their friends and co-workers to drop by on business trips, as well as a private office for them. Taking advantage of the unique layout of the building under the given conditions, the architects divided it into three areas : “Reception & Library”, “Meeting room” and “Co-working & Party room”.

Balancing between relaxing and working is what they considered the most as it was supposed to be used for a long period of time in a day. By using black-and-white as its key color scheme and keeping each parts’ details minimal, the arranged colors aim to represent each function’s purpose in its most effective way. On the gray plastered wall, the obliquely arranged brass accents give it an image corresponding to the natural light coming from the windows. The project has created a well-balanced office space with a sense of focus and excitement, as well as a relaxing atmosphere as if the guests were at the client’s home.









Design and info SWING

Images Yoshiyuki Hirai


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