A compatible with nature, sustainable and timeless home

Mamurbaba House in Izmir, Turkey is a family house designed on a 817 m2 parcel. It was designed with the living standards of a family as Orkun Nayki Architecture‘s focus. Considering the dynamics of the region in the project design, the functionality, simplicity and sustainability of the structure were prioritized. A minimal, simple and transparent style is adopted in the design without compromising the modern line. In this direction, the content, naturalness and compatibility of the spaces, orientations and materials used are provided. It is completely compatible with nature, sustainable and timeless.

The structure is shaped massively around two axes. This fragmentation separates the living and sleeping areas of the dwelling. The design of the building was aimed at strengthening the effect of natural light by keeping the glass surface openings at a maximum. This encourages as much natural light as possible. The living room, dining area and kitchen have been converted into a single use area and considered as the focal point of the building.

The facade and roof coating are made with anodized aluminum and transparent surfaces, providing a smooth transition. Glass openings ensure the integrity of both the interior and exterior effects. This is also combined with an aluminum design to provide an unlimited spatial experience by offering different views through indoor and outdoor transition.

Design and info © Orkun Nayki Architecture

Images © İbrahim Özbunar

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