A design that uses built-in furniture and double-height volumes to create an open and fluid space

This townhouse is located in the north of Beijing at the foot of a hillside area. The house of 600 sqm is organized on four floors, from a B1 partially open to a private garden, til the attic on the 3rd floor. The new functional program by MDDM STUDIO allows three generations of one family to enjoy both shared spaces and private ones in an open plan configuration.

The design uses built-in furniture and double-height volumes to create a space that is open and fluid but at the same time, it is also able to accommodate specific settings for the requirements of the different members of the family. On the first and second floors, the grandparents are accommodated. The daughter has her room on the 2nd floor with a mezzanine.

The 3rd floor is used by the parents. The basement with access to the garden is the common area, with kitchen, dining and entertainment areas. Customized furniture is zoning the areas and circulation for a smooth transition between public and private spaces. Vertical connections through the house are created by double-height spaces on every floor.

The staircase is divided in two parts. The main element from B1-F2 seats on the original structure and is entirely cladded in birch plywood including walls and ceiling, creating an independent volume from the rest of the house. Inside this volume, a new perforated steel staircase is inserted, which connects F2 to F3 in a diagonal shape. 

All the main materials were chosen in nude colors or birch plywood. Colorful highlights in green and blue are carefully integrated by customized furniture or small floor or walls applications.

Design and info © MDDM STUDIO

Images © Jonathan Leijonhufvud

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