A farewell exhibition for a 99-years-old house

A soon-to-be-demolished 99-years-old abandoned Sanheyuan (a historical type of residence with a structure on three sides of a courtyard that forms an inverted U-shape) sat on the site of a future residential complex in Taiwan. CYS ASDO were asked to design a temporary reception center before the construction of the new project. They decided to keep the Sanheyuan as part of the spatial design experiment for the reception center and also to be seen as a farewell exhibition for the 99-years-old house.

The design wraps around the back of the old house and forms a new courtyard with fluid corridor spaces that closely align to the weathered walls and vegetation at points, framing the view to the old Sanheyuan with window openings and glazing to present memories of time as artworks in the new space.

A new model home for the new residential project as a white object is planned inside the original courtyard of the Sanheyuan and connected with a glazed hallway facing both the old and the new, the past and present.

The story between the new and the old in this project created many interesting perspectives for exploration. Spaces between moments of present and the past seem intimate, and yet there is always time left over in between now and then for further imagination. Time to say farewell to the old and welcome the new. – CYS ASDO

Design and info © CYS ASDO

Images © Millspace & WorkPaperPress

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