A free spirited space: Two Moon Cultural Center

The low budget and the movie ‘Two moon Junction’ were two major inspiration for the design. Each building has three floors that can be accessed directly via individual staircases, and by doing so, common space can be reduced to minimum while maximum can be allocated for rental usage. The two boxes have an encounter with a large sphere, thus having a distinct concave space that signifies a moon motif. The right one is imbued with a balcony like a lure. The left one is given a horizontal slit. The other sides of the buildings also have contact points with a small sphere, providing depth and apertures. The irregularities provided by contacts with the sphere are carried into the building to become a space with bulges, a convex space. The top floors have outdoor gardens with high walls, but round apertures give much transparencies among the very solidified building. Mini pantheon-like domes are also found on the top floors.









Info and images © Moon Hoon

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