A home for a 3 generation family with a perfect balance of connectivity and segregation

The brief of this project in Panchkula, India was to design a house for a three generation joint family, ensuring a perfect balance of connectivity and segregation. The site is located in the southern sectors of Chandigarh and has a difficult zoning and height restrictions.

The central idea by Charged Voids was to create a sequential progression from the public to the private zones by using the courtyard and vertical circulation as the divider between the two. Also, the varied volumetric scales of the public and private zones and their different interactions with the exterior was an essential part of the idea.

The fragments of nature have been carefully introduced to stimulate the occupants not just visually, but with the sound of flowing water, the fragrance of the plantation inside and most importantly, the well worked out wind flow pattern.

The piercing light from the sky through the openings in the roof and the clear structure in the form of the circular columns and two common walls manifest the materialization of that idea.

The project comprises of a double height drawing cum dining room, a private family lounge, four bedrooms, two kitchens and an area for domestic help. Two bedrooms are organized on the ground level for both the elderly generations, while two bedrooms are organized on the second level. An open kitchen is also organized on the second level. The party terrace with a bar and other amenities has been organized on the third level and was an important part of the project. The area for domestic help is also organized on the third level, but is completely segregated and has an independent access from a separate staircase in the front.

Design and info © Charged Voids

Images © Javier Callejas

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