A house shaped by a trapezoid site and two different axes

Located on a corner site at the foot of Mount Pancar in Babakan Madang, Indonesia, the site of this house faces directly one of the rivers that originate from the mountain. Being on a corner site gives it two advantages: unobstructed views and maximum natural sunlight. Since the beginning of the design exploration, Studio Lawang strived to respond to the trapezoid-shaped site and the two different axes: the one that is parallel to the neighbor and the one parallel to the street.

Every room in this house maximizes natural sunlight, hence saving the energy bill. Having the inner court at the center of the house allows more rooms to benefit from it. The inner court permits the natural sunlight to enter more rooms and the cross ventilation to work throughout the house.

One of the challenges was that the longest facade of the house was exposed to western sunlight. This challenge was solved by the roof overhang and deep wall. The large void in the main living area ensures air flow, allowing sunlight to bounce freely, filling up the space and communication between the occupants.











Design and info © Studio Lawang

Images © Mario Wibowo

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