A house that evokes the simplicity and sobriety of its surroundings

The location of this house in Arrifana, Portugal arises from an elevated plan in relation to the street and opens itself onto a field, while being defined by the large trees that give visual sensations resulted from the various color palettes that each season brings.

A set of volumes draw the house by Pedro Henrique Arquitecto that embodies a recognisable archetype and divides the intimate and social area, separating the bedrooms from the kitchen and living rooms.

These volumes are organised in different orientations in search of the best relationship between them, and each other with the outside.

The contrast between the raw concrete facades and the interior of the house creates an intimate tactile sensation, experienced through the patios, the skylights and the stairs.

The social area extends to the outside and to the upper floor, creating a variety of living spaces and proximity to the householders.

The intimate area, on the other hand, confines a covered outdoor space providing privacy and allowing, simultaneously, natural light to flood the interior.

In order to intensify the relationship with nature, the house evokes the simplicity and sobriety that characterizes the surroundings.

Design and info © Pedro Henrique Arquitecto

Images © Ivo Tavares Studio

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