A ‘modernist’ grid system of solid oak and glass at Bonanza Berlin

The new Bonanza roastery had to be much more than just a ‘production facility’, it had to represent the spirit of the company for many ways. From an extensive lists of requirements and wishes it became obvious that a division of the more than 300 m2 ground floor was needed.

The main element of the design concept is ‘the wall’ separating the production area from the public coffee area. The design has been a bit of a balancing act, Modiste Furniture wanted something that would be both transparent and opaque, functional and aesthetic, subtle and yet strong. The end result is a ‘modernist’ grid system made out of solid oak and glass. The grid houses some functional elements from the traditional ‘back bar’ such as dishwashers, boilers, water filters and so on, these were all neatly fitted within the repeating pattern of the grid. At the same time, the designers wanted to make sure the customers standing in front of the wall would be able to see the production area as much as possible.

For Modiste this symbolises the two-fold functionality of the space, where there’s at the same time high volume production and the personal enjoyment of a single brew.






Info and images © Modiste Furniture

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