A respectful spacious annex to a rural house in the Navarre mountains

Slocated a few kilometers from Bera, Spain, the Landaburu Borda is a small traditional building anchored in the magnificent landscape of the Navarre mountains. Working in this exceptional location was an exercise of respect for Jordi Hidalgo Tané to the fragile building and to the mystical power of the Navarra mountains, rich in history and legends.

The program consists of a rural house with a few rooms located in the existing building and a spacious living annex with a kitchen built inside the mountain and thus becoming part of it, as if the annex had been there before the old construction was built. Everything was built in concrete and wood. Sheltered inside the cave, one can observe the magnificent landscape that unfolds to the eye.

Design and info © Jordi Hidalgo Tané

Images © José Hevia

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