A rigorously-modern composition of glass and blackened wood

On a large property in northwestern Connecticut, USA Deborah Berke Partners designed this modern house to frame a long view to the south. The property is accessed by a long curving driveway through the densely wooded site. Upon arrival at the pea gravel parking area, visitors walk on a stone path through an opening in a historic stone fence to reach the house, a subtle threshold that heightens awareness of the landscape. Inside, the expansive view of the rolling grassy hills and the pool are revealed.

All of the family’s program—four bedrooms, a library, home office, kitchen, screen porch and large open living area—are on one floor in two long volumes forming an “L,” one side of which contains the public areas, the other side the more private spaces. Polished concrete floors reflect the abundant natural night. Pale wood paneling lines the walls of many of the interior volumes, adding warmth and texture to the interiors.

The rigorously-modern composition of glass and blackened wood contrasts with the rustic wooded hillside and old stone walls on the property. The dark horizontal massing of the house has the effect of disappearing into the shadows below the tree line. The house offers numerous physical and visual connections to the meadow outside and mountains beyond.










Design and info © Deborah Berke Partners

Images © Catherine Tighe and Michael Granacki

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