A sophisticated family home in the pristine nature of Krkonoše

To design a house in the pristine nature of Krkonoše (Czech Republic) was an exciting challenge for Zdeněk Fránek of Fránek Architects. The project was for his long-standing friend and his young family, a person who loves nature, art and life. The design of the house corresponds in size to the existing building, which has been standing in this protected area since ancient times and as the only structure as far as the eye can see.

The responsibility towards the circumstances and strict regulations gave the house an archetypal form. In addition, the client required a sophisticated approach towards the space, which would be spiritually focused, unusual, and pure.

The house is inserted in a sloping terrain, so the basement has an entrance from the lower floor facing towards the outdoor pool. The main entrance and driveway are on the ground floor in the upper part of the building. The basement is made of reinforced concrete and from the level ± 0,00 it is a timber structure. The truss consists of four frames – glued full bindings, into which the view is completed by three pairs of convexly curved pillows for better use of space, acoustic comfort, and lighting strategy.

Whilst the exterior of the building is fully cladded with larch glued laths, including the roof, the interior is white and pure, including the floors. It serves as a white canvas for incorporating art. Over time, a carport equipped with solar panels, as well as a vegetable greenhouse, will be added to the heat pump.

Design and info © Fránek Architects

Images © Petr Polák

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