A weekend house with a volume that conceals its overall size

This is a weekend house located on the central coast of Chile, 160 kilometers away from Santiago. The brief was to design a family house that could fit up to 12 people within a hilly site where the sea views are only possible in its highest point. In response to this, the house is organised in two floors, arranging the public programme on top and the private programme on the bottom. Due to the house faces south, the main floor follows a sloping roof that brings light from north and protects the public area from the sunset. Beside it, a lower height volume faces the street, concentrating the kitchen and main services, which are treated with a system of sliding shutters that control the privacy and views from the exterior. This volume does not only work as a buffer zone between exterior and interior but also as a scalar element that conceals the overall size of the house.








Info and images © Alvaro Arancibia, Sebastian Coll

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