A Whimsical Wander Showroom is a surreal environment with a minimum of color and detail

A Whimsical Wander (AWW), a high-end women’s fashion brand launched in 2015, set out to create delicate pieces that could be worn and enjoyed every day with a classic, chic, and feminine feel. AWW combines timeless designs with simple elegance. The AWW Showroom is located in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, a neighborhood epitomizing the wealthy lifestyle and high-end culture of Korea. Colors and materials were used by nooyoon design to define three different chambers as requested by the client; the entry lobby, the clothing room, and the office.

The Pink Chamber is the entry lobby and the waiting area of the showroom. Two changing rooms are connected to the Pink Chamber, which features pink painted walls and pink tiles, as well as two arch-shaped portals. Each portal connects to the White Chamber and the Grey Chamber. The Pink Chamber provides a surreal environment using a minimum of color and detail.

The White Chamber is the clothing room, where all clothes hang along each side of the wall. This neutral environment has white painted walls and white hexagon tiles to allow customers to remain focused entirely on the clothing.

The Grey Chamber is used for the office and the meeting area for the designer and clients. The Grey Chamber is divided by a deep and narrow portal, which offers some privacy to the designer and clients. The Grey Chamber has a direct connection to the storage area and pantry.





Design, info and images © nooyoon design

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