Aichtal Kindergarten’s monochrome colouring immerses it in the surrounding countryside

The new kindergarten in Aichtal near Stuttgart by Simon Freie Architekten BDA is a clearly divided, light grey structure – completely immersing itself in the appeal of the surrounding countryside through its monochrome colouring. The site for the property is situated in an optimum location, with an assembly area to the west and a free view due to the open construction.

20 centimetres of composite thermal insulation are hidden beneath sgraffito, in front of a cast-in-place concrete construction. Inside of this, rooms for three kindergarten groups are situated on the first floor, and there are two day nursery groups on the ground floor. Withdrawal rooms and glazed communal areas alternate, the built-in furniture and window sills can be climbed on, and mottos stuck to the windowpanes should prevent people from ending up with bumps on the head.

A veranda surrounding the building affords shadow, offers a gentle transition between the internal and external aspects and invites to exploring. It only becomes clear on a second glance how strongly the architects allowed themselves to be influenced by a construction design element from the American south: the ‘porch‘ is a protected outdoor space and social meeting place, but also a place to leave dirty working clothes before entering the building.

The green open-air area below the white shades invites guests out to play – in any weather. One can certainly imagine, that the white surfaces and the glass panes rising the height of the rooms will not remain white for very long. For this reason, a „dirt trap“ was set in place to prevent this.







Design and info © Simon Freie Architekten BDA

Images © Brigida Gonzalez


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