Amazing midnight Barcelona timelapse by Pau Garcia Laita

Music: ‘Starscapes‘ by ‘The American Dollar

More than 20.000 pictures were taken for this project about which the author says: “It’s been 5 months of intense work, non-stop learning and perfecting my night timelapse knowledge. About 34 cold nights wandering the streets of Barcelona, looking for high spots, asking for filming licenses, being looked at by thousands of intriguing, gazing people.”

“I choose the American Dollar for the music because I think their work fitted perfectly with the timelapse. In fact their songs have been already used in other big cityscape timelapses, like Mindrelic or Chicago Cityscape.

So I tried to use a song which hasn’t already been used, and edited it a little bit to make it shorter (the original one was about 10minutes long).

Without the song this video whould have lost its soul, so I am very grateful to them for letting me use their work in my video.”

Canon 550D
Sigma10-20mm 3.5
Canon 18-135mm
Canon 50mm 1.8 II
Samyang 8mm

For any information about the workflow visit the author’s tumblr here:

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