An “absent” house on a slope

By using the sloped terrain to hide the project, the city council of Mont-de-l’Enclus in Belgium was convinced by Studio Okami Architects to step away from the traditional regulations (sloping roof, predefined window sizes, local brick), allowing the client his dream for infinite views over the valley. Within the building precinct the terrain was elevated, folded open, to allow for a 273sqm single floor villa to be hidden in plain sight.

Deep inside the slope a patio provides the cave-like bedrooms with air, light and tempered vistas throughout. Everyday living takes place in a loft-like space, with ceiling to floor windows painting the magnificent landscape to the beholders eye.

The flexibility of the space is anchored by the fire place and a kitchen island which is presented as a piece of oversized furniture. Unobstructed circulation paths outside and in, allow for the habitants to experience the space and its surroundings while defined by the colonnade making the slope readable from every angle.

The materials have been carefully matched to harmonize in to a powerful yet tranquil composition, a tactile ton-sur-ton color scheme is accentuated by the ever changing greenery of the plot.

Design and info © Studio Okami Architects

Images © Filip Dujardin

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