An adaptable function space in South Korea

‘Dayang Sanghoi’ (diversity in Korean) by TUNEplanning is an adaptable function space in the region of Pyeongchang-dong, South Korea. The designer has transformed this underground location since 2009. Dayang Sanghoi was planned as an exhibition hall at first, but it has developed into a private lounge through several changes and it can also function as an office, company training institute, studio, restaurant and cafe. It also features a stage on the mezzanine level for performances. Furnitures pieces are placed unintentionally to look nature-formed. Annual rings of pine trees have been recreated with layers of plywood. A secret room is finished with a mirror box and supported by a roughly trimmed pine tree. The underground space’s walls have been enclosed with metal angles, filled up with charcoals and stones in order to let humid air circulate, and have been soundproof equipped. The stone finish on the floor together with the outside rock wall demolish the border between inside and outside.















Design and info © TUNEplanning

Images © Jeong Taeho

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