An architectonic and functional reinterpretation of Torre del Borgo

The entire work of restoration by Gianluca Gelmini has developed pursuing a dual purpose, first identifying solutions to the problems of degradation, second offering an architectonic and functional reinterpretation of the building. The project is designed to be made into two functional lots of action: with the completion of Lot 1, are now fully accessible the four halls of the central tower and the spaces of the new building C intended to services and distribution. Important intervention is certainly the inclusion of the new system of ramps and walkways, made entirely with an iron structure, which is articulated between the spaces of the central tower and the new building, connecting the various levels of the complex. Lot 2 will include the redevelopment of public space in Piazza del Borgo with the creation of a large area covered and protected to the road, in direct continuity with the new pavement of the square. With the completion of the restoration project, Torre del Borgo will be able to accommodate the Public Library of Villa d’Adda.









Info and images © Gianluca Gelmini

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