An expressive contrast of gray, chaotic surroundings and clear, geometrically adjusted lines

Poke Bowl is a traditional Hawaiian food. This dish was taken as the basis for the menu of the new POBO Asian Bistro, the principal concept of which is smart food, i.e. fast, but healthy food. This place on the Petrogradskaya Storona (Saint-Petersburg, Russia) earlier featured a food store and shoe repair. The premises were heavily neglected: there were problems with utilities, the plaster was peeling off, the ceiling was collapsing. The dismantling and laying of new utilities took much time, but after the cleaning the space played out in fresh colors. Two large windows let in a lot of daylight, which advantageously emphasizes the rough surfaces of the walls and the ceiling.

The fast food concept allowed DA.bureau not to restrict themselves to the standard methods accepted for creating comfort in expensive restaurants, but, on the contrary, encouraged them to use original solutions. For example, to leave the walls and the ceiling almost unfinished, and for the making of all pieces of furniture, decor and even doors only one material, metal, was used. The result was an expressive contrast: gray, primitive, chaotic surroundings and clear, geometrically adjusted, bright filling lines.

The floor finishing comes with an interesting thing. When dismantling, large marble slabs in good condition were found under the old flooring. It was them that were used to create a new decorative self-leveling floor with stone inserts. One cannot pass over the abundance of greenery in which all the seats seem to be buried. Green plants in cachepots zone the space, hang down from above and even stick out from the bathroom walls. The entire color palette of the interior is an organic continuation of the POBO corporate style, attracts passers-by with its cheerful shades and completely immerses visitors in the atmosphere of a Hawaiian island.

Design and info © DA.bureau

Images © Sergey Melnikov and Boris Lvovsky

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