An industrial building merging tradition and modernity through gothic-inspired vaulted elements

This industrial building in Pifo, Ecuador synthesizes the essence of the company that resides in its interior. The design by Estudio Felipe Escudero is characterized by differently sized gable roofs covered by an undulating skin of black aluminum. Techitos Warehouse’s aesthetic is complemented by a geometry bounded by sharp cuts at its borders. In the building’s largest warehouse resides controlled temperature storage for cheese. The inner skin is covered by polyurethane panels that thermally insulate the inner space from the outside.

The office areas are located in the smaller warehouses. The vaulted spaces give users or visitors the feeling of having been immersed into a gothic atmosphere. A contrast can be felt in the loft-styled spaces, at the wide surfaces of the windows which take advantage of the valley view and the design details that bring a beautiful contemporary touch to the building. Interior lights were conceived as a sculpture which inhabits the space in a three-dimensional way. The construction has been devised to house within its limits a yard with a central tree. Thus, users can enjoy an atmosphere of rest and contemplation.

The project was planned with the base idea of taking advantage of all the possibilities of design, starting with a familiar and purely functional building located in an area of vehicular maneuvers. As a part of this logic, a giant scale pattern was drawn over the surface of the fields, complementing this work. The guard house at the entrance resembles a reduced main structure. It uses the same geometry at a smaller scale, which makes the project in its totality look like a family of mountains. Just like the ones that surround the valleys of the Andean range.

Design and info © Estudio Felipe Escudero

Images © AG Studio

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