An office building featuring traditional Thai house elements

AIS Contact Center Development & Training Arena, the recently completed office building situated in Nakorn Ratchasima, Thailand is a work space designed by Plan Architect for 3,000 employees with a vast array of recreational facilities. The main design concept intends to create a relaxing atmosphere for a workplace by splitting the building into two main groups.

The larger one is occupied by the call center and training area with a transparent skylight hall in the middle, while the smaller one is designed for recreational areas. The main atrium in the middle of the building acts as charn, a terrace in traditional Thai houses, and is used to connect both functions and people and it provides an additional communal space.

The tapered building shape helps adjust the angle of walls which results in reducing the area of heat gain from the sun on the façade, thus decreasing the total heat gain of the building. The curve on the top of the building is clearly inspired by the company’s logo.








Design and info © Plan Architect

Images © PanoramicStudio and YAMASTUDIO


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