An origami-like tri-dimensional brick façade

The Woof Shadow is a 5-storey building consisting of 10 apartments designed by Tachra Design and located in a middle class block in Tehran, Iran. The current importance of land value led to a reduced number of terraces and novel shades. To fill this vacuum, the architects introduced a third dimension on the façade in order to create a deep surface.

In designing the form, the surface had to be one piece with no cuts and, using origami, a tri-dimensional feature was created by folding the two-dimension surface. The tri-dimensional volume was achieved by creating a new texture, a creative layout and a body consisting of small pixels with no external addition to the volume. The elements created “light and shade” and changed the façade into a structure in which overlapped shades form the texture. The architects chose brick, an inexpensive material as the main element.

To solve the light reduction caused by the brick shell, Tachra Design made changes in the sizes of the openings. The window frames became unique characteristics of the building as they provide various visual views of the city. A green site was designed in the recessed southern wall as a shaded communication place.

Due to the complexity of design, the architects taught bricklayers with simulated models and used trial geometric models before starting construction. The bricks were laid with steel threads. They used dry brick laying and in some cases, they sewed them to the main structure through gaps. The additional load problem was solved by distributing it among building floors.







Design and info © Tachra Design

Images © Parham Taghioff and Monireh Tafreshi

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