“Analog to Digital” Series by WBK

Here’s an ingenious idea of making wonderful art out of old computer keyboards. WBK from Australia creates these incredibly detailed and meticulous celebrity portraits out of hundreds of small pieces. Reuse and recycle into art.

Above: Woody Allen

 Steve Jobs

Here’s what the artist says: “WBK is factory made art for a manufactured world. With a quite reflection on an analogue past. Having lived through the latter half of the 20th century and now into the 21st-century one of the biggest transitions in my life has been the technological evolution from an analog foundation to a digital platform. My youth was spent without computers or mobile phones yet the transition to them being such a vital part of my life seemed effortless and mandatory. Only now as our world becomes touchscreen dependent do I reminisce upon the buttons I used to push. Perhaps I will miss pushing buttons when they are all gone? Perhaps in the push of a button there was something more tangible than the brushing of a touchscreen. Though buttons to me also suggest the en masse world in which we currently live. They are made in factories in their hundreds of thousands they are not unique, they are not special. And now these buttons are relics of an analog age. Perhaps I draw a parallel between discarded analog devices and my own mortality. For I too one day will become discarded and irrelevant, just as my once treasured Sony Walkman was reverentially discarded.”

 Star Wars Vader Mask


 Eric Clapton


 Daniel Johns

 Will Ferrel

 Bruce Willis

 Tyra Banks

 Abdul Kalam

 Pierre Omidyar


 Ray Manzarek

 Johhny Depp

 Kristen Stewart

All images via www.behance.net

More art from WBK on his Behance and Facebook

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