Anastassia Sel’s ‘Nostalgia’ collection is inspired by mortality

The Nostalgia Collection by Toronto based jewellery designer Anastassia Sel was inspired by the loss of her father. “I was drawn to explore the meaning of life, mortality and afterlife all the while going through loss. During this time I began to notice that memories of joy with my father and my family would come into my mind like sudden bursts of light in the darkest of times.” The gold and occasional pop of colour represent the memories, knowledge and enlightenment while the black represents grief.

This collection was designed in a bit of an unorthodox way. With each stage of loss, Anastassia had something more to say through her collection. This collection grew and evolved throughout the year. It started with big bold black and gold pieces when there were a lot of confusion, uncertainty and ambiguity. Then as the calmness set in and the grief started to be more bearable, the more refined smaller pieces began to shape. As acceptance set in, the collection became more freeform and organic to represent nature and the ultimate truth of life (life, love, death) and finally ended with rose quartz, lapis and aquamarine raw stone pieces, which represent the artist’s hope for the future and the idea of the rebirth of the soul.










ANASTASSIA SEL Jewellery was founded by Anastassia Selezneva in 2015.

Info and images courtesy of Anastassia Sel

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