Anston Architectural concrete products showroom in Abbotsford, Australia

Anston Architectural make bespoke concrete products for designers of exterior space. They leased a retail space in the eclectic, industrious and now desirable inner Melbourne suburb of Abbotsford and then approached Dan Gayfer Design to design an interior that showcased their premium product.

Conceptually, the design is strongly based upon the idea of creating a series of small yet habitable spaces that each display Anston’s product in both typical and unexpected applications. These spaces, or settings, are almost theatre like in their arrangement though the customer can either be audience or actor; they can meander through the showroom viewing each setting but, if desired, can physically enter each setting to ‘act out’ using the product in a realistic situation thus testing its suitability.

One such setting is the outdoor shower ‘booth’ – a walk in shower has been created complete with shower rose, mixer, floor waste and feature garden. All surfaces of the booth both vertical and horizontal have been finished in a 100mm x 100mm Anston cobble; one considering an outdoor shower can enter the booth to experience this product ‘in-situ’ as opposed to simply determining its suitability through holding a singular cobble.

As you enter the showroom the product can initially be experienced within a dining terrace, the aforementioned outdoor shower booth or entertaining lounge. Closer to the rear of the showroom an interior flavour takes hold; a wine bar, communal workstation and even bar stools all employ the product in a surprising yet logical manner. Put it simple terms, the customer can physically interact with Anston’s product inside a realistic everyday setting or lifestyle – as opposed to having only a small physical sample to help visualise the product in-situ and hence determine its suitability for a project.







Design and info © Dan Gayfer Design

Images © Dean Bradley

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