Apartment on the beach by Peanut Studio

Peanut Studio: ‘The apartment is a duplex located on El Perello beach in Valencia, its 120 m2 are divided into four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, living room and terrace. On the ground floor we found the smallest room of the house, occasionally occupied by guests and where we have chosen a simple space in clear colors and blue. Opposite is the kitchen, where we chose white furniture in contrast to the counter and floor. Moving forward, we have the bath on the inferior story, a much larger space than before the reform. The colors used in the dining room are a clear nod to the sea, we included some pieces in gray and white to create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy the days of summer, is a simple and practical but very thoughtful space, because is one of the most important rooms for the customer. In the upper floor there is another bathroom, in which we have combined two types of tiles with the same design but in different colors. On this floor we have a room equipped with a marine style and character. In the central door of one of the cabinets we included a large mirror that gives depth and allows to reflect the mural. The two main bedrooms have a much more pronounced personality. The first one is a room with two large wardrobes, so we decided to incorporate a geometric mural in gray and blue which is the main protagonist of the room. The last room has an updated retro style, for this we used different shades of gray accompanied by elements of natural wood which add warmth to the space. At the head we opted for vinyl shapes that break completely with the design line of furniture and objects used.’









Info and images courtesy of Peanut Studio

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