APTEK Bar by Dopludo Collective

Dopludό Collective have designed the  APTEK Bar in St-Petersburg, Russia. Clean, geometrical, minimal and neutral toned, APTEK Bar is the perfect cocktail for any design enthusiast. Have a sip below, and head over to their website or Behance page to download the files and make your very own furniture!



Mural by Egor Kraft






















More about the designers:

Photo source: https://www.facebook.com/dopludo

Dopludό Collective was found in St. Petersburg in 2006. Word “Dopludό” comes from a phonetic transcription of french words “deux plus deux”, which is “two plus two” in English. At the heart of the name of a creative trio lays the absurd mathematical formula “2+2=5”, which has been proved several times and being a potential key to reconsider all mathematics from the beginning.

“We are inspired by such a phenomenas, as deliberate conscious infringement of logic rules. Two plus two might equal not only four or five, it could be decided on your own, and starting from this point moved further, how far? – Everyone decides himself.”

Dopludό teammates enjoy working with the images from magic fairy tales, folk elements, mystical and more or less abstract content, usually taking a position of looking at the world with the eyes of unsophisticated child, whose life is
still a trip of discovering new miracles. In working with sense, main themes of collective’s works are convention of all borders, prevalence of essence over existence, primacy of consciousness over a matter.

Together they work on installations, objects, illustrations, interiors and public projects in cold Russia and Scandinavia.

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