Arthouse and cafe by Joey Ho Design

In this project by Joey Ho Design, the designer treats the client’s property developments as individual “art piece” and creates a state-of-the-art establishment to strategically house more than one particular project. “Arthouse” is thus constructed in Hangzhou with project-art galleries on the first two floors and a café/bar on the third.

A combination of abstract landscapes is inserted into the architectural framework for enhancing a stronger bond between the exhibition area and public space within the gallery.Vertical installations in geometric state are constructed to fill up the void in the interior. Fragmented installations of small triangles are placed around where exhibits live. The designer aims to break the boundary, edge or limitation of art pieces, hence, encourages an intimate relationship between space and people.

A mellow installation is revealed on the carpet in the corridor with matching geometric pattern to other indoor landscapes which effectively and dynamically links up this upper public space with the rest of the elements within the building.

Arthouse Café provides visitors with a new dynamic ambiance within the exhibition building. It aims to stimulate each visitor’s unique and complicated sensation. Inspired by geometry and especially using triangles as blueprint, the “moving triangle” concept is manifested by placing triangles in three-dimensional form to surround the whole sitting area. Slight changes of simple lines construct the character of the cafe which is unique and could bring every individual into a new geometric context. This design attempts to break the boundary between traditionally divided units such as the wall and ceiling, hence, enables communication between the interior space and users.











Info via Joey Ho Design

Images © Yong Chang Wu

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