At ‘The Urban Dentist’ everything is focused on the individual customer experience

This new dental practice by studio karhard in Berlin was named The Urban Dentist because of its location in a very busy traffic junction close to the subway, street tram and S-Bahn.

At The Urban Dentist everything is focused on the individual customer experience. Therefore, the layout of the store is closely based more on a concept store or a bar rather than a dentist’s cabinet. There is a colourful bar counter in the front part and a lounge area with sofas and a backlit glass wall in the back.

The space is dominated by the rough construction elements, a dark floor and wall coverings consisting of stainless steel and backlit glass elements which are programmable and change the atmosphere constantly.

The surgery rooms are dominated by customized furniture consisting of brass framings, covers in pink powder linoleum and a colorful tabletop made of natural stone terrazzo.

Design and info © studio karhard

Images © Stefan Wolf Lucks

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