Autoban creates a myriad of textures and patterns for Savoy Ulus Club House

At the centre of the Savoy Ulus residential complex in Istanbul is the Savoy Ulus Club House – a joint-use sports and entertainment complex. The interior of the Club House – consisting of a lounge area, café and multimedia room, swimming pool, spa rooms, fitness and cardio areas – is designed by Autoban. They have created an interior shell at parapet level, which distinctively separates itself from the architectural contours of the building by a lighting channel, and becomes a stand-alone structure of its own. Its distance from the architectural shell of the building also makes room for hiding the lighting as well as other mechanical and technical systems, and therefore becomes a functional solution for the interior.

The said interior shell is made of wood (material changes at the pool and fitness area, and becomes marble in two different shades) to contrast with the concrete structure, and add warmth to the space. It is designed at parapet level to create a rather enclosed space of human scale. At the lounge area, while signature Autoban furniture become main elements of the interior, the transparent library at the centre also becomes the centre of attraction. With its floor-to-ceiling glass walls, the library unit is basically a transparent box, and the outcome of Autoban’s architectural approach to create a-shell-within-a-shell, a-space-within-a-space.








Info © Autoban

Images © Sergio Ghetti

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