Bak sink pays homage to the simple lines of the humble flowerpot

With the Bak concrete sink, designer Martin Cuel of Lyon Béton pays homage to the simple lines of the humble flowerpot.

The functional design makes the Bak sink unique: it’s the first sink on the market that can be installed either as a drop-in or as a vessel.

This sink’s unique shape allows you to either set it directly on your bathroom’s vanity top or drop it in partway, leaving the concrete lip visible for a partly built-in look. As a drop-in sink, you’ll get to enjoy its simple, circular design and chiselled lines. As a vessel sink, it’s a work of modern art.

The bottom of the Bak sink slopes to assure excellent drainage. And since Lyon Béton’s concrete stands up to humidity, the sink’s shape will change very little with the seasons. For the more detail-oriented customers who might be thinking about longevity, the designers recommend applying a special varnish, included with the sink.

To keep things simple, the Bak sink has been outfitted with a chrome stopper system that opens and closes with just a slight touch. If one already has a stopper, it will fit without any problems. The drain has a standard diameter.

Design, info and images © Lyon Béton

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