B&O BeoPlay H6

If you take look at all the fashion shows and the lifestyle and design magazines there’s one colour in vogue this season: Green. Enter the BeoPlay H6 Agave Green – a luxurious, dark green headphone for the daring and fashion-conscious consumer. Inspired by the everlasting and beautiful colours of nature this new special edition of BeoPlay H6 takes its cues from fashion while still maintaining the subtlety and elegance associated with B&O PLAY products.

BeoPlay H6 boasts a premium sound, honest and clean in its appearance and designed to give you music the way the artists intended it – without any tweaks or over-emphasized bass. The headphones are wrapped in the finest cowhide leather and lamb skin, durable and exclusive materials that can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use – materials that age with beauty.



 Photos & Text © B&O Play


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