Brunch with Designers by B1 – Centre for contemporary design

Here at Inspirationist, we love to promote and support up and coming artists, as well people and institutions who, like us, encourage young and emerging talents. That is why we’ve teamed up with B1 – Centre for contemporary design, in Prague, Czech Republic in promoting their summer event, ‘Brunch with Designers’ which offers young designers from all around Europe a chance to spent a week in Prague, exhibit their work for FREE and sell their designs.

Week 17-22 of July will be dedicated to Romanian designers, sponsored by Romanian Cultural Institute.

B1 provides a few times per year a stimulating platform for promoting young designers, by involving them in innovative corporate projects, inviting them for new design proposals or exhibiting their concepts and visions.

Every week a new group of designers have the opportunity to exhibit – all according to their ideas. B1 Gallery has a unique atmosphere in which the carefully selected collections get an extra glance. Prague is one of the most popular places to visit in Europe. B1 will promote this program also to Prague tourists. Visitors are invited to come for a brunch. During these brunches the visitor has an opportunity to get a better understanding of the designers visions and ideas. Each designer can also be seen ‘on stage’ every day during a 5-15 minutes presentation.

All types of designers (product design, industrial design, fashion, jewelry, lighting, furniture etc.) and architects from all over the Europe and beyond.
After approval by B1 – designers will be provided with up to 10 m2 exhibition space for FREE.

Weekly – from 11th July to 1st September 2013
Exhibition time : Every week on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 10.00 – 16.00
Installation: every Wednesday 10.00 – 19.00
Clean-up & final administration: Monday 10.00 – 14.00

(1) Send your portfolio at
(2) When we select you, you sent us the application form that is available here: You always will get feedback from us. The selection process is based upon a set of criteria about the vision of the designer, the concept of the collection(s) as well as the quality of the final product(s).
Please take note that the application form includes details about your
•Presentation: which products/brands will be exhibited and their description
•Transportation: dates of arrival and leaving
•Installation: we provide up to 10 for free; describe (or even better show us a picture) what your installation will look like. We need details about what kind of assistance you need, the kind of installation you are going to create, usage of electricity and cabling. If you expect us to prepare a part of your installation, we need to know that in details and in advance and we will inform you about the costs.
•Contact details: how we can stay in touch, even when you are traveling
NOTE: Please keep in mind that we are a small organization, happy to provide you with the opportunity, so without planning, we will not be able to make this program successful for you!
(3) Congratulation you are part of the Brunch !

For each week the deadline is one week before the term of your exhibition

B1 provides you with the opportunity to exhibit you designs during July and August. You will have to be present at the exhibition from Thursday until Sunday and are expected to actively interact with the visitors.
B1 provides you with up to 10 square meters for free. Additional meters can be rented for 400 Kc (16 euro) per meter.
B1 has set the commission on net sales during the exhibition on 35%.
B1 also expects exclusivity on all sales in the Czech Republic during a period until 1 July 2014.
If you like, we can ask our supporters to provide you with a couch for the period that you will stay here in Prague (5/6 nights). That could save you the costs for accommodation, but we can’t guarantee the availability.
B1 does not offer any support regarding transport and installation, unless otherwise agreed.
The event will be promoted using social media, tourist information, artmap and other low/zero-cost methods, like the networks from the designers.

ABOUT B1 – Centre for contemporary design

B1 Centre for contemporary design provides an inspirational place to design lovers and design professionals by offering a variety of activities, from exhibitions and showrooms to workshops and consultancy in the fields of architecture, fashion and industrial design.We are located in the space of the former electric company enterprises in an exceptional functionalist building from 30´s, designed by the architect Adolf Benš .In the now partly restored Lístkárna, we provide space for (semi-) permanent expositions to the designers and design labels. The gallery provides opportunities to selected individual designers from around Europe, where they can present their work, projects or studio.Next to that, our space can be used by groups of designers that wish to work together on new projects.Today you can see here design labels like Gravelli, Lugi, Černoch lights, designers Tomáš Bém, Petra Krausová and also various Dutch design labels are represented, like Droog, Rietveld, Spectrum, Cascando, Goods.If you want to let others know what your designs are about, now there is an opportunity to present it in B1. You can rent a space for your permanent exposition or propose a special exhibition in our gallery. A great way to show your and our followers your latest designer visions and realizations and an opportunity to create that one special soirée.

We are Gallery, Showroom and Studio


Download the application form here
Find then on Facebook
Some extra info on the gallery here
Info and image courtesy of  B1 – Centre for contemporary design
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