Catch The Views House by LAND Arquitectos

LAND Arquitectos: ‘Catch the Views House is originated from an intention of capturing and framing the different existing views at the inside spaces toward the sea and surrounding landscape.  To achieve this initial objective, plus considering the strong slope of the site, we arranged and stacked one above the other a set of volumes directed to the selected views from a previous view-shed study.  Arranging the interior and exterior program in relation with sunlight and wind exposure, and interconnectedness of the spaces.’

‘The volumes are stacked one above the other, remembering how randomly shoreline rocks are stacked in this coastal landscape. We use a similar color from the rocks too, a dark grey, for the exterior facades of the house.’

‘For the house structure, we use a system of prefabricated concrete panels, with a high isolation performance, which also reduces construction time. Material selection criteria were based on the performance, durability and maintenance of the materials in harsh coastal environments.’







Info and images © LAND Arquitectos

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