Ceramiche Refin channels urban influence in new line ‘District’

The Italian leader in Grès Porcelain tiles, Refin introduces its new collection that is a mix of a vintage, urban environment with a subtle underground mood industrial buildings, vintage license plates and old-style shops are the inspiration for Ceramiche Refin’s newest collection called District. An innovative mix of materials, this new line draws influence from city surroundings, converting the raw feel of downtown into an exquisite indoor space. A collection designed with contemporary retail and hospitality clients in mind, District is available in three finishes: Garage, Track and Road. Garage offers a glimpse into the classic motif of an old-fashioned service station, combining metallic-style vintage materials and a worn-looking marble effect.

Suggestive of its name, Track is reminiscent of old track cycling arenas, pulling its inspiration from the distressed woods of these velodrome surfaces to create a vibrantly vintage look for the modern interior. Track also features tiles with patterns of small brickwork to enhance the indoor industrial feel. Road is the pinnacle of District’s urban influence, highlighting the outdoors of city living. With an appearance similar to that of asphalt, Road conveys the metropolitan feel of city roads, paved sidewalks and curbs reminiscent of bustling cities from Milan to New York. Created by the internal design team at Refin, District allows a variety of color, graphic and dimension combinations for a completely personalized space with a rugged industrial concept. Embodying a wide range of materials, District is by far one of the most innovative collections by Ceramiche Refin.

“District has been our most challenging and rewarding collection yet,” explains the Refin research and design team. “The collection is the result of a long phase of research on materials made ​​from local districts and industrial settings throughout major European cities.” With a highly developed graphics system that has broadened the spectrum for tile design, Refin is at the forefront of the market, exploring every aspect of nature, culture and human surroundings and parlaying them into interior floor and wall design. Their use of extremely resistant Grès Porcelain tiles in addition to their avant-garde graphics attests to their dedication to research and high quality design that is the staple of Italian-made products.


About Refin

Refin is a leading manufacturer of Grès Porcelain floor and wall tiles and has been a presence in the international market since 1962. With a constant commitment towards aesthetic research and technological innovation, Refin began DesignTaleStudio, a creative research laboratory to experiment with Refin materials. Their broad range of porcelain tile solutions for residential and project-planning destinations offers the world of design innovative and aesthetic techniques and porcelain tiles that are 100% made in Italy.

Info and images courtesy of Ceramiche Refin

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