Ceroconuno: a beauty space inspired by the 0.1% of DNA that diversifies people

The Ceroconuno philosophy expresses coherence, balance and simplicity in the over 300 sqm of its new beauty space designed by Wanna One. The marketing, design and interior design studio based in Madrid and Dénia (Alicante) has developed the project in its entirety: from its concept, to the creation of the brand and the interior design.

As humans we share 99.9% of our DNA. It is hard to believe judging from what we see in the mirror. But it is true. We are almost identical. We are almost the same. We are only 0.1% different. A tiny percentage that makes diversity possible and labels this new concept of beauty space.’Wanna One

The comma in the 0,1 is used as an architectural element in the mirrors and in the half-arches at the reception area. Precisely with the latter, which is also bicolor, the designers wanted to reflect the yin and yang, to emphasize the fact that beauty is a matter of balance, the union of the interior and the exterior. And to complete the space, cactus and succulent plants help connect the visitor with the nature in order to disconnect, while grooved terracotta elements praise the natural, the perfection that is in every imperfection.

The designers were also focused on maintaining the balance between privacy and community. While being aware that there are moments and rituals that require privacy, but also others that are better shared. As, for example, manicures and pedicures. These areas are redesigned to favor the connection between people, thanks to a table shaped in perfect symmetry with the bench of the pedicure area, which has also been raised for ergonomic reasons, to improve the body posture of employees and customers.

Experiencing Ceroconuno means starting a ‘conscious beautification‘ process. An intimate and vital process that represents the center and consists, in the words of Wanna One, in ‘carrying out a double self-awareness exercise accepting yourself as you are, embracing your singularities so that, at the same time, you can be conscious of how much you share with more than 7 billion people who live on Earth’.

The concept is graphically expressed by a minimalist logo that is dynamic and versatile. The visual identity is completed with a rich and varied universe which acts as an expression tool in favor of diversity. The chromatic range is structured by primary neutral colors, such as black and white, and a secondary range of colors that reminds of the different tones of the skin, with signs of natural elements which evoke the body.

Design and info © Wanna One

Images © Caulin Photo

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