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Charles Bergquist, California-based director, designer, and photographer, launched “Everyday” in 2011, an idea that started as “a personal project, consisting of an image everyday. Each image is something that would otherwise go un-posted from my daily experimenting. There are years of images, and motion tests”. The project has evolved throughout the years and continues to grow. The blog reflects Bergquist’s talent as a multimedia artist, featuring photography, design, motion design, film and more. Bergquist explains:

“With the Everyday Project, I see glimpses of what I’m doing at a certain time. Colors change, the mood changes, it’s a way for me to see what I’m doing. Even the lack of a post tells me something about that time. What draws me to this type of work is creating environments that could almost exist. I like the idea of making a person guess if it’s real or fake, or if it’s shot with film or digital. I don’t see a line anymore between the two, I shoot about 1/3 film and 2/3 digital now, but everything is used in the end.”

Everyday Project is filled with an endless supply of stunning creations – you can easily get sucked in for hours. Take a look, and be sure to check out Bergquist’s other projects and collaborations here for more inspiration.














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