Chin-suru Collection by Michal Mrzyglod

Promising young designer Michal Mrzyglod shares with us the masterfully captured lookbook for Chin-suru his debut collection.

“Chin-suru” is a verb meaning “warming up food in a microwave” or simply “a microwave” in modern Japanese slang. Though, for me, it is a metaphor for various cultural and social changes that have occurred in Japanese society in the past century, resulting both directly and indirectly from the Meiji reformation. These changes, so ambiguous, yet complex in their very characteristic, formed the basis for my first, debut collection. They were the starting point for the journey that followed. Organic growth of inspirations, their natural intermingling and progression, somehow resembling the stream of consciousness, is what describes best my entire design process.  – Michal Mrzyglod

Michal is now studying at the renowned London College of Fashion. The eye-catching lookbook is work of photographer Daniel Jaroszek featuring model Michal Sadowski and work of makeup artist Ola Szablowska.                                                                              


Article via  designscene

Images © michalmrzyglod

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