Chip Ivory – Get Em High For This (Ellie Goulding x Kanye West)

Chip Ivory is the music project of Ryan Driscoll, an American musician specializing in production, digital sampling, remixes, and mashups.  Mechanical engineer by day, musician by night (or whenever he has some free time), Chip Ivory is not afraid to step on some toes and push some boundaries in the musical realm.  His musical taste ranges the entire menu of musical genres from west coast rap to folk-rock. Starting in May of 2012, Chip Ivory is not a household name just yet, but after picking up over 75,000 SoundCloud listens and his first complete mixtape dropping in September, that is bound to change.

“Mashups are a dime a dozen these days, so in a sense Chip Ivory is the proverbial needle in a saturated haystack.”  – Sean O. (Indie Shuffle)

via Chip Ivory

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