Chipinque apartment renovation by Studio Jakob Gomez

Monterrey is well known for its imposing-scale mountains. Located in Chipinque, part of the Sierra Madre Oriental, this project offers unique panoramic views of the valley and the surrounding nature.

Built in the 70s, the building complex was intended to provide affordable housing in the area. With only 61sqm (approximately 657 sqft), the goal was to update the nearly 40-year-old concrete structure by reorganising the layout and rethinking natural light, materials and finishes.

The rearrangement of areas (kitchen, living, dining and bedrooms) orbit around a centre (yellow) foyer, and mirrors the materials throughout.

All finish materials were carefully selected to reflect the characteristic colour shades and materials provided by the local limestone and pine wood.










Photography is by Groovy Chaos

Info and images © Jakob Gomez

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