Concept car design by Benedict Redgrove

British photographer Benedict Redgrove has taken a rare look inside the design studio of italian automobile firm Bertone. In a distinct artistic approach that highlights geometry, architecture and engineering, Redgrove has captured some of the company’s most radical concept cars from the 1960s and 70s — some never seen before — including designs for Alfa romeo, Lamborghini and Lancia. The series of images which was originally commissioned by Wallpaper* magazine, exudes a specialty in styling, coachbuilding and manufacturing, with Bertone’s vision categorized by abstract angular frameworks, a use of unique materials for standard auto parts and super-sleek interiors built for luxury and functionality.

‘I was allowed to move the cars into areas I found that worked well with the design of both building and car, they very kindly let me drive the lancia stratos prototype which you stepped into via the front glass panel, fell back into the seat, then pulled the steering column between your legs and then pulled the glass front down onto you. it was an amazing thing to behold and extremely hot, like sitting in a gold mobile greenhouse.’ says Benedict

1970 Lancia Stratos Zero concept parked outside the studio

Redgrove takes an exclusive look within bertone’s design lab

1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo

 1967 Lamborghini Marzal

The Lamborghini’s glass doors swing upwards

Lamborghini Bravo

The Lamborghini Bravo’s window details

All images © Benedict Redgrove

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