Cykno by Bruno Greppi and Luca Scopel


It is difficult to consider Cykno as a bicycle; Cykno is an eclectic vehicle, which was designed to meet the needs for mobility although maintaining a low environmental impact. Cykno is an exclusive and precious solution for an evolved and conscious client who is aware of sustainable mobility issues. Vintage style design, innovative and fine materials combined with a precise made in Italy technology and production.
Cykno is the result of an idea – a dream – of Bruno Greppi, a great engineer and innovator in the motorbike field, in collaboration with the Luca Scopel a designer who is specialized in the development of concept and luxury products. Cykno is the tangible outcome resulting from the collaboration between Gianpietro Vigorelli and Riccardo Lorenzini, gurus of Italian advertising over the past 30 years and through the active participation of some managers of finance.

Cykno is a work of design in movement, thought to meet the needs for low-impact mobility.
Cykno is an exemplary and a technically high-performance vehicle, with a refined style and an eco-friendly soul capable of satisfying the most demanding and elegant clientele.














Bruno Greppi, entrepreneur, was born in Lecco on October 4th, 1960 and has always been active in the motorcycling industry.In 1990, in Italy, he founded the company, Braking, which produces brake disks for the motorcycle industry and in 1993 he also opened an office in the United States. In 1998 he patented the first disk called “Wave”, an absolute novelty on the market in characteristics and performance. In the years to follow, new products and various patents led Braking to become a leader in the production and marketing of after-market braking for motorcycles in various countries of the world.
In 2005 the companies were yielded to the multinational Japanese group Sunstar International. In 2006 Bruno Greppi became a partner of Nardi, a company operating in the field of high-end steering wheels for cars, and patents a special steering wheel that was awarded two Awards at the Las Vegas fair.In 2007 he founded Evo srl and began producing electric vehicles for urban mobility and ecological off-road vehicles. In recent years he has dedicated himself to designing sophisticated and innovative vehicles which remain faithful to his “green inside” philosophy.


Luca Scopel, engineer and designer, lives in Milan and specializes in the development of luxury concepts and products. He has always been passionate about engines and therefore specialized at the Politecnico in Milan in mechanical engineering, with a first professional experience at the Fiat Advanced Design Center. Later, he worked with motorcycle design at Moto Guzzi and after having faced the issue of luxury on two wheels in the project about the new California 1400 touring model, he decided to change industries and dedicate himself to interior&furniture design, first as a designer and brand developer for luxury made in Italy brands.
Currently he is product manager for the luxury interiors brand Visionnaire (IPE Cavalli group) where he applies the concepts of fashion and glamour design to a total look which goes from interior architecture design, furniture design, accessories, lighting design, domotics and pieces of art, to creating a purely exclusive all inclusive design.Parallel to these luxury oriented activities, he also deals with sustainable transportation design, where he designs “smart” two-wheel vehicles, especially electric ones, that are dedicated to sustainable mobility.


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