Danaga – ‘Am N-am Aripi’

Danaga (Daniel Aga) began his musical adventure in 1998, first as a vocal singer and guitarist in a rock band. Fast forward ten years, he sells his motorcycle in order to get his first computer and that’s when he switches to electronics.

Growing up he was influenced by the sounds of Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Vangelis and Isao Tomita.

He describes his music as a ‘homemade hard listening electronic’ and yes, he writes it himself. Sometimes using samples of others and sometimes prerecorded sessions of his own. Although he likes to experiment with drawing and graphic design, music comes first, and working on it every day shows it.

His first album, ‘Am n-am aripi’ is a collection of stories about the contemporary alienated man who tries to find his true self.

So far, he had worked with a series of artists like Florin Tarlea, Mihai Pop, Adi Tudoran (Electroclown), Bogdan Rakolcza, Mircea Florian.

He was featured with his own productions on ‘Culese din Cartier’ mix, edited by famous Romanian band Subcarpati, as well as on Buzz RO! 2011 at Local Records.

A quick look to his recently played would reveal tracks from Alice Coltrane, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Donald Byrd. On his time off he plays in a percussion and improvised music band, ‘Your brain on drums’.

Next, we should expect new music soon, and, says Daniel: ‘completely different from what I have done by now’.

We’ re definitely looking forward to it.

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Images © Danaga

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