Della Torre addition: a playful detailing of materials and efficient, effective space planning

This simple addition at Della Torre by Andrew Maynard Architects has given this house in Ivanhoe a new street frontage. The operable louvre facade caps the open plan living area, and mediates the public / private engagement between the dinner table and the street. The simple extruded form and repeated structure respond to the clients need, while offering an efficiently planned envelope to house the programmatic requirements. Sustainability is a key part of this design. The north facade is protected by a steel awning, which blocks out the summer sun while allowing the winter sun to stream in, while the operable aluminum louvres to the east facade regulates direct sunlight while also mediating privacy to the street. The thermal mass of the exposed polished concrete floor regulates extremes in temperature, while the in-floor hydronic coils provide additional heating when required. With the house opening onto the garden, the effective cross breezes (or ceiling fans, when required) there is no need for A/C in this house. The north facing solar panels on the roof of the existing house also produces power surplus to the houses needs which is fed back into the grid.









Info and images © Andrew Maynard Architects

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