Design and coziness in a cluttered townscape

Slender House is located in a subdivision accessible from a suburban arterial road in Japan. It has been planned in the strip-shape lot; with narrow width and large depth. In the vicinity there are houses built by house-building companies or local builders. FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects then aimed to build a house that possesses a dignified presence with both design and coziness in such a cluttered townscape. The exterior is composed of volumes with carefully examined proportions, window layouts, and materials. The high window and the overhanging porch emphasize vertical and horizontal lines, making the facade not too much uniform.

The entrances are positioned on both sides of the porch to enhance convenience for access from the parking spaces that are laid out on either side. This moderately blocks views from the road and secures privacy as well. The interior of the first floor is connected from the entrances through the washroom at the penetralia, along the deep and strip-shaped lot. The raised floor, staircase and furniture are rhythmically laid out along the passage. They are used as flexible spaces for communication to enrich daily life.

On the second floor there is an open space where views from the outside are blocked, while from the inside, the opposite is valid. Buildings come close at the periphery, but a ridge line of the near mountain can be viewed towards the road on the north side. Making the best of this environment, a living room with a high ceiling has been laid out towards the road, plus a large opening provided to cut out the surrounding landscape.

The natural scenery and light that are taken inside the house make the internal appearance ever-changing, allowing views all around. In addition, the light reflected in the shiny wainscot makes the view in the front more appealing. This building with an impressive appearance generates a cozy space inside.

Design and info © FORM / Kouichi Kimura Architects

Images © Norihito Yamauchi and Yoshihiro Asada

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